Dstv Re-locations in Durban - Durban DSTV Installations
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Dstv Re-locations in Durban

Dstv Re-locations in Durban

Relocating or Moving Your Dstv Satellite Dish or Decoder?

Moving house is truly one of the most stressful times that you can go through and this is made worse if there is poor planning involved. This process can easily deplete your emotional and physical energy, not to mention the reality of potential loss things go array. Most peple wait until the last minute to prepare for the move, which can be disastrous because you are not just picking up stuff from your old place to the new, you also have to settle and  sort out your DSTV services, phone bills, electricity, internet services and more.

Moving house is never an easy task but involves the expending of physical and emotional energy with the view of having a seamless process. After all, it is not just about packing your belongings and leaving. You have to ensure you settle utility bills, telephone bills, and internet charges.

Like most people, you have other bills to take care of, like your bank, clothing stores, your doctor, insurance etc . . . they too need to be made aware about the change of address, prior to you ding the actual moe as this helps the process go a little smoothly.

Therefore, if you are doing DStv relocation in Durban, you will have to inform the nearest MultiChoice office about your change of address. Moving your DStv decoder is not just about informing them, there’s a few things that must happen.

Moving your DStv Decoder

At your new address, you are going to need all the equipment that will ensure that your DSTV dish works properly and optimally. So, make sure that you pack the decoder, the remote controls, and of course your TV.  There’s no reason to splurge on new equipment if the current ones are working fine, so do avoid that unneccesary cost.

Moving DStv Dish

The satellite dish is a fixture on a home/property, therefore you are not supposed to take the actual DSTV dish with you when you move. This means that even though you have the equipment to set it up, you will need to buy a brand new DSTv dish at your new address, unless of course the previous owner had a satellite dish that you can connect and use. Hopefully, there will be an old Dstv satellite dish installed already in your new Durban location, that you can use without to send more money on a new one.

The Process Of Relocating My DStv

The best thing is to ask a DSTV installer in Durban to help do the move with you and the reconnection. If you know what’s required and how to do it, you can do it yourself. If there’s a dish at the new location, then great. If not, DSTV installer in Durban will help you install one affordably.

The rest of the equipment will be what you packed fromyour old house. We will then help you to reinstall your DStv equipment at the new location at a small cost.

Don’t forget to communicate with Multichoice and let them know that you have moved, and to supply them with your new address.

We offer DStv moving house or relocation services, there’s no need to stress about it. Simply get in touch with us and we will be at your service.

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